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Getting Promoted: What to Do, What Not to Do, & What You Need to Know

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This FREE eBook targets individuals looking to get promoted in the manufacturing industry. You’ll learn:

  • How corporate expectations are often different from your own
  • That getting a promotion is more than just about how well you do your job
  • How having a career path can impact your prospects for a promotion
  • How to assess your current situation
  • How to actively position yourself for that desired promotion
Free eBook Download: Getting Promoted In The Manufacturing Industry
Julio Martinez - Trainer and Writer of Getting Promoted In The Manufacturing Industry

About the Author

Julio Martinez has worked in the food and manufacturing industry for over 20 years in Operations Management. He’s used his experience in strategic planning and process innovation to develop and implement programs like Six Sigma, Kaizen initiatives, and Kanban systems to assist corporations in their operational functions.

With this experience, Julio turned his efforts towards helping employees of the food manufacturing industry advance their careers. In fact, he has coached hundreds of individuals to help these employees succeed in achieving their goals of career advancement. Julio believes the best advice is to “Invest in Yourself”; when you follow this advice, you’ll gain the upward momentum needed to achieve your goals.