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#1 – Service Industries in Illinois

These service industries contribute the largest amount to Illinois’ economy including hotels, law firms, accounting firms, healthcare providers, etc.

#2 – Manufacturing Industries in Illinois

The second largest industry producer to the Illinois economy and a major contributor in the entire USA is manufacturing. Machinery makes up the largest portion including the assembly of construction equipment, farm machinery, and machining tools. The next largest chunk of cash is the processed food sector including baked goods, candy, sausage, and spices.

#3 – Export Industries in Illinois

Illinois has a strong export industry in the tens of billions of dollars. Illinois exports things such as machinery, chemicals, computers, transport equipment and agricultural goods.

#4 – Agriculture Industries in Illinois

Almost 90% of Illinois’s land is used for crops such as corn, soybean, wheat, oats, mushrooms, and other fruits and veggies. Also, pork and cattle farming is a huge part of this industry-producing system.

#5 – Mining Industries in Illinois

Illinois rocks at producing coal, petroleum and minerals (literally haha). Illinois also sells off enough crushed stone, sand and gravel to make it into the top five industries.


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