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Food manufacturing in Chicago is big business and Chicago has been at the top of food manufacturing for quite some time. Chicago’s food manufacturing industry dates back to the early 1800’s. In the early days Chicago was known as a milling center for spring wheat and then eventually grew into a center for converting raw products into edible products.

Since the late 1800’s Chicago has grown into a global leader in food processing including baked good, cereals, meats and candy.

Top 36 Food Manufactures In Chicago:

  1. Keebler Company
  2. Kraft Heinz Company
  3. Oscar Mayer
  4. Nabisco
  5. ConAgra
  6. Cracker Jack
  7. M&M/Mars
  8. US Foods
  9. Vienna Beef
  10. Wrigley Jr. Company
  11. J. Canfield Company
  12. Armour and Company
  13. Brach’s
  14. Budlong Pickle Company
  15. Cloverhill Bakery
  16. Curtiss Candy Company
  17. Eli’s Cheesecake
  18. Ferrara Pan Candy Company
  19. Fortune Brands
  20. Fuhrman and Forster Company
  21. Gonnella Baking Company
  22. Goose Island Brewery
  23. Koval Disttillery
  24. Kronos Foods
  25. La Preferida
  26. Mondelez International
  27. Morton Salt
  28. Parker House Sausage Company
  29. Quaker Oats Company
  30. Swift and Company
  31. Tootsie Roll
  32. Tropicana Products
  33. Uptons Naturals
  34. Urban Accents
  35. Vanee Foods
  36. World’s Finest Chocolates

Building Leaders For The Top Food Manufactures In Chicago

These companies are known worldwide but all started in Chicago. They continue to produce the highest standards of quality in food and outperform the competition through acquiring smaller companies and merging with other leaders in the food manufacturing space.

At Training Gems, we have built reputable relationships with many of the top food manufactures in Chicago. Our knowledge base in the food manufacturing industry spans over a 20-year period and our results are measurable, attainable, timely, relevant, and specific.

We offer two distinct training programs, business coaching and individual coaching.


Business Training Program

Through our business-coaching program, businesses are coached in person at your food manufacturing or processing plant. The advantages of having Training Gems coach your team or organization are:

  • GAP analysis – What are your goals? We will work with all departments in your organization to understand where the opportunities are for safety, quality, cost, delivery, and morale.
  • Phone or on-site interviews with the leader’s supervisor, peers and direct reports to set a baseline for performance analysis.
  • Full 360° assessment to deeply comprehend the executive’s board, professional history and current environment.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to target the leader’s individual perceptual, developmental and leadership need.
  • Team building exercises and activities to gain better results and help build company culture.

Learn more about our business-coaching program here.


Individual Training Program

Throughout our individual coaching program, individuals can be trained either online or in person. The advantages being coached individually are:

  • Personal and professional development to position yourself as a viable contender for a promotion at work.
  • Exploration of the corporate work environment and how the expectations of the corporate world differs from the employee’s point of view for what is important for getting a promotion.
  • Managed expectations towards career development and having a clear career path in order to achieve promotion.
  • Provides activities and exercises designed to self-assess your current situation, and get you actively involved in the many facets that contribute to positioning yourself for that highly desired promotion.

Learn more about our individual coaching program here.

Think of Training Gems as your personal trainer, all you need is the desire to want more out of your career and we will guide you to become a viable contender whether it’s a promotion at work or as a team leader moving a project from planning to success.

Our aim is to build stronger companies one leader at a time, one team at a time. Both our individual coaching program and our business coaching program is geared towards improving a company’s workforce which leads to increased profit margins and improving bottom line targets. Give Training Gems a call today at (847)-340-2285 and let us build together.

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