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Training Gems was founded by Julio Martinez, as a seasoned leader himself for over 20 years, Julio has helped many employees set a path to success in achieving their career goals. Julio has coached hundreds of individuals on leadership skills that resulted in their career advancement into management positions.

Julio Martinez has extensive experience in Operations Management for the Food Manufacturing and Packaging Industry. He has overseen all aspects of operations from production, materials management, distribution, sanitation, scheduling, quality control, research & development, and human resources. Under his leadership, Julio has played a key role in the start-up of multiple operations lines, serviced Fortune 100 companies, worked in union and non-union environments, and led strategic planning & re-engineering efforts.

Julio Martinez believes everyone has an opportunity for promotion regardless of being an entry-level employee, supervisor or manager. His courses are developed to help those employees driven to succeed, and willing to do what it takes to achieve a promotion regardless of where they work, and what position they currently hold. Julio’s best advice is to “invest in yourself” and set your focus toward gaining upward momentum in your career.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ~ Mark Twain

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Everyone has an opportunity to advance their career.

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Create a more energized and constructive environment

I worked with Julio (instructor at Training Gems) over the last two years, and through his teaching and coaching I have been able to increase my income. I do not have a high school education, but his basic teachings have helped me progress in our organization, and I currently travel across the country helping others in my company’s network.


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