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Asking for a promotion in any industry can be a life-changing experience, but today we want to focus on the manufacturing industry. Let’s look at the proper way on how you should go about asking for a promotion in the manufacturing industry.

This can go two ways, good or bad, and solid preparation for what you are asking for and how you will position yourself is key.

Your promotion will be granted on a number of factors, including:

Take A Look At The Mirror

Before asking for a promotion. You should take a good long look at the mirror and ask yourself if you’re ready for a promotion. It’s important to reflect on your achievements and your failures. How have you developed in this current role? Are you ready for leadership? Have you acquired the skills for leadership? Be real with yourself and you’ll know if its time.

Find Out As Much As Possible About The Role

It’s a promotion, so you’re already working at the manufacturing facility, which is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. It’s an advantage because you know the systems, people, strategy and how you fit in the organization. It’s a disadvantage because the hiring committee knows who you are and knows your weaknesses.

Therefore, it’s important to do proper research about the role and think about your strengths. Think about how you can be an asset in that promotional role and make a huge impact.

Build A Strategy

Now that you’ve taken a long look into the mirror and researched the role in great detail, it’s time to build out a strategy. Why should the hiring committee pick you for this job? What makes you the right candidate?

Build your strategy based on these questions. If you know there is going to be an open position at your company because someone is leaving or moving into another role, start delivering more to your boss.

There’s nothing better for your success than a happy boss. Even if the role is not in your team or division, if the hiring committee speaks to your boss and he raves about your performance, it speaks numbers for your application.

Write down your accomplishments so that you do not forget them and keep them at the top of your mind. Add a numeric component to these accomplishments to show the measurable impact you’ve made in your current role. This also shows that you’re ready for a more challenging role.

It’s All About Timing

When it comes to being promoted, timing is everything. There are certain times where it’s not ideal for asking. Such as, directly after layoffs or when one of your collogues gets fired from your team. However, the best time to ask for a promotion is when you’ve had some outstanding work and it’s fresh in the mind of your boss and organization.

Let Your Intentions Be Known

Let it be known to your manager and higher-up that your eyes are on the prize and that you want to work your way up the ladder. Show your enthusiasm at work. Take on additional tasks, which you know you’re capable of successfully completing.

Also, ask what it will take for you to get to the next level in the company. Build solid relationships with team members and teams that support the role, which you want to be promoted to. Let them know about your intentions and ask questions about the role and the tasks involved.

Patience Is A Virtue

Don’t think you’re going to just ask for a promotion and get it, that’s highly unlikely. Have patience and wait until the role opens up. Don’t get distracted, keep your eyes on the prize. Keep refining both your hard and soft skills.

Be Prepared And Take Control

At the end of it all, it’s all about preparation. Getting your dream job is a great accomplishment and you can bet that there are many others waiting to seize the opportunity also. Competition is fierce, be prepared and take control of your destiny.

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