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What Is GMP?

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are the requirements that a food business needs to operate their facility and produce food safely to the public. Part of the HACCP food safety system, GMP compliance is heavily emphasized in all relevant food legislation and customer certification standards.

The food manufacturing industry produces the number 1 transport packaging in the world, with every country holding their own Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard. In the United States, for example, GMP is regulated through Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Why Good Manufacturing Practices are Important in the Food Industry

GMP covers the standards for manufacturing and producing food safely to the public. These standards for food safety run throughout the entire business supply chain, including the development, manufacture, distribution, advertising or sale of food products to the consumer.

Every member of the supply chain process within the business (producers, packers and even suppliers) are responsible for checking the quality, safety, and hygiene of the food and facility.

GMP means having a total control system in place in each food manufacturing plant. The purpose is to ensure that all parameters of quality and safety are monitored from the purchase of raw material to the delivery of the finished product to the consumer.

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GMP Compliant

When a food manufacturing plant is GMP compliant, they have the privilege to do the following:

  • Guarantee that the food delivered to the customer fulfills all quality and safety requirements
  • Produce a certificate to the customer’s request
  • Offer better product quality through better control within its facility
  • Guarantee consistent quality conditions within a controlled process on its premises
  • Easily meet requirements and inspections from other standards, such as the FDA or HACCP

GMP compliance is great for most food businesses that want to meet HACCP regulations for their products and facilities, but it is not required in all food industries.

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