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All personnel, while working in direct contact with food preparation, food ingredients or surfaces coming in contact with food shall wear clean outer garments, maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness and conform to sanitary practices to the extent necessary to prevent contamination of food products.

  • Employees shall wash their hands before leaving restrooms/locker rooms, consuming food and as often as required to remove soil and contaminants.
  • Employees handling food or food contact surfaces shall wear clean outer garments. Garments that shed fibers are not allowed.
  • Employees shall not wear jewelry, wristwatches and rings. Plain wedding bands are acceptable. Items in shirt pockets are not allowed. Medical alert tags are allowed but require concealment under clothing.
  • Food handling gloves shall be intact, clean, and sanitary and maintained in a sanitary condition.
  • Employees shall be free of cuts, abrasions, boils, sores etc.
  • Sanitary gloves shall cover bandaged injuries to the hand.
  • Employees shall not consume food, chew gum or tobacco or smoke except in designated areas.
  • Personnel shall not wear fingernail polish. False fingernails are prohibited. False eyelashes are prohibited.
  • Employees shall not wear open toed shoes or sandals.
  • Employees shall display good personal hygiene.
  • Employees shall not store clothing or personal belongings in areas where food or ingredients/equipment are exposed.
  • Employees shall not work with any communicable disease that presents a risk to the sanitation and safety of manufactured food products.
  • Employees shall not wear body pierced charms and are considered jewelry.
  • The use of cardboard, tape, and string etc. are not to be used. Temporary repairs such as these are not permitted.

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