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New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep & That Will Benefit Your Entire Family

As we look forward to a new year and we think about what we want to accomplish, many of us start to set New Year’s resolutions:

  1. I want to lose weight
  2. I want to make more money
  3. I want to be more financially secured
  4. I want to contribute more my family
  5. I want to be a better person

Usually by the second or third week of the year, we have given up on these goals and started down the path of “being in the same old place, doing the same old things, and getting the same old results”.

What I want to propose to you is that – this year you can change the usual outcome when it comes to making more money, being more financially secure, contributing more to your family, and being a better person. We can also help with the weight part, but that’s for another time. This change starts or continues in the food manufacturing industry and here are some great statistics that will get you excited.

Top 5 Statistics Proving Why The Food Manufacturing Industry Is The Place To Be This Year

Making a move into the food manufacturing industry or focusing on expanding your skills if you are already in this industry can help you achieve the above goals.

Important Food Manufacturing Industry Statistics:

  1. Jobs in the food manufacturing industry are harder to outsource – most US consumers do not want their food to be manufactured in foreign countries and most shelf stable products are difficult to outsource due to high cost of keeping products at correct temperatures.
  2. According the US Department of Labor average earnings of non-supervisory food manufacturing industry employees was well over $17/hour.
  3. First time food manufacturing industry supervisors/managers earned well over $50,000 per year, with some in the meat industry earning well over $70,000.
  4. Unemployment levels in the food manufacturing industry are well below National average of 4%, in some areas of the country including Chicagoland area they are below 2%.
  5. If you have the right skill set and experience you can move up in an organization even if you do not have a college education.

So, lets make this year a year in which you will take your personal and financial goals to a new level. We at Training Gems have helped hundreds of people reach their goals with our individual leadership couching  – let us help you do the same. Contact me today and let’s get started.

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