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Summer is almost over, and I know many of you are already thinking about where you want to be in your career next year. Starting now is tip one since these things take time and here are ten more tips on how to get promoted in the manufacturing industry.

1. Think Outside The Box

Let’s start with thinking outside the box. Why? Because thinking outside the box is what gets you to that next level. Employers love employees that think creatively and have excellent ideas that drive growth. When you show these qualities, you can be ensured that your higher-ups are looking at you and the ones that aren’t looking are hearing about you.

2. Hard Work Pays Off

There’s no doubt it, hard work pays off. It’s one thing to be creative, but you’ve got to have the work ethic to back it up. Put in the time and effort, there’s no shortcut here. Show that you’re made out of steel. Nobody likes or respects a lazy employee. You can be as smart as Einstein, if your work ethic is poor, you’ll eventually be left behind. Build up your stamina and get to work!

3. Show That You Can Work Independently

It’s great to work in teams and be collaborative, but sometimes you’ve got to shine on your own. Take on independent tasks and show you can put together a plan and execute in an efficient and effective manner. When you present your work, show that you took on a challenge and completed it. This will gain you a lot of points with any manufacturing boss in the USA.

4. Be A Reliable Source

People love others that they can depend on. It’s no secret, the more reliable you are, the more people are going to want to work with you and eventually, you’ll be the go-to person. This is great because it allows you to grow your network and make connections in other parts of the organization. Therefore, increasing your chances of getting that promotion.

5. Own It!

Be a boss, show that you have the leadership skills and that you can “own” a project. When you expedite a high-level deliverable, it speaks volumes. This a well-proven tactic to get your name out at the organization.

6. Collaboration Makes It Happen

I know, I’ve said to be a star on your own, but it’s also good to collaborate at work. Collaboration is key for building trust. People need to know that you’re good to work and that you can help themselves excel. When you collaborate, people get to know your work ethic, your skill set, and your personality. Collaborate on a big and a small project and stand out while doing so.

7. Learn From Your Mistakes

We’re all humans and humans make mistakes. Own up to your mistakes. Show that you can learn from them. Show maturity and that you are able to advance your knowledge and skills. This goes a long way and it can be a wonderful asset to any company. No one likes a finger pointer or knows it all.

8. Be Open

When people meet you, they get a first impression. A first impression lasts a lifetime, so make sure you’re approachable and greet them with a smile. It’s important because even though you may not know them initially, they might be someone who can help you get the promotion you want down the road.

9. Honesty Goes A Long Way

Honesty is a highly valued attribute of any human being, especially in a work environment. When you’re honest, people know that they can trust you and trust is everything when money is involved.

10. Consistency Is Key

Be consistent at all times. You are part of the manufacturing machine, which is your company and it requires everyone to play their part. Consistency allows you to gain the trust of others and shows you can be a viable option among candidates.

Follow These Quick Tips & Get That Much Wanted Manufacturing Promotion You Deserve

Let this be your guide to getting to where you want to be. The next level or role where you are able to advance your career and get more money while doing so.

At Training Gems, we offer individuals leadership coaching programs for the manufacturing industry. We help set goals, develop strategies, hone skills, encourage, motivate, and much more.

You’ll learn:

  • That getting a promotion is more than just how well you do at your job
  • How corporate expectations are often different from your own
  • How to assess your current situation
  • How having a career path can directly impact your advancement opportunities
  • How to actively position yourself for that desired promotion

If you’re a worker at a manufacturing facility and would like to advance your life in the near future, then Training Gems are the right partner for you. We take pride in improving the United States manufacturing industry and bettering people’s lives. We offer both in-person and online coaching.

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