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Manufacturing employment used to be looked down upon as dead-end, dirty and boring work. That was then. Today, manufacturing offers a range of challenging opportunities in clean environments that not only pay well, but offer rewarding career paths. Perhaps best of all, these jobs don’t require a college degree.

No need to get saddled in debt to pay back ever rising college tuition (Americans owe over $1.48 trillion in student debt amongst 44 million borrowers, $630 billion more than total U.S. credit card debt). Instead, start making money and plan for your future.

The reason for this is the grungy hands-on repetitive jobs in manufacturing are being replaced with automation. That automation creates new jobs—people are needed not only to maintain, program and in some cases still operate the machinery.

While you need specialized skills to perform these jobs, you don’t need a four-year degree to obtain them. A vocational training or certificate program equips you with the practical knowledge and experience you need.  And you can potentially earn more than someone who has a college degree. All it requires is an ability to learn, a willingness to work and commitment to achieve a better life for you and your family. Who doesn’t want that?


Don’t Have A Degree? Get Training For These High Paying Manufacturing Jobs

1. Production Supervisor

Responsible for overall daily efficiency of production activities, as well as managing production workers, and ensuring highest standards of quality and safety. Some experience in production and/or logistics is usually required; great way for a production worker to make a career move.

2. Tool and Die Maker

Set-up and operate mechanically and machine-controlled tools used to produce other tools directly used in manufacturing production. Tool-and-die makers often seek additional training to become CNC programmers as well.

3. Maintenance Mechanic

Provide upkeep and repairs for production machines, responsible for ensuring machines are running efficiently and preventing downtime that can lead to production disruptions. Mechanical aptitude required, but anyone in the least bit handy can learn.

4. Welders

For all the automation in manufacturing, skilled welders remain in demand to ensure crucial parts are properly connected. Because there currently is a shortage of skilled workers, welders can potentially make six figure salaries.

5. Millwrights

Install, troubleshoot, dismantle and transport machinery and heavy equipment according to blueprints. Sometimes also called an industrial mechanic, this job requires the ability to follow logical step-by-step instructions and perform precision operations.

6. Fiberglass Fabricators

Involves as much art as skill, fiberglass fabricators laminate layers of fiberglass on molds to form a variety of products, ranging from boat decks and hulls to automobiles.

7. Warehouse Supervisor

In charge of monitoring inventory stock levels, maintaining equipment and managing warehouse employees. While some employers require a degree, experience and/or training in logistics and management is increasingly accepted.

8. Electricians

Install and maintain electrical power, communications, lighting and control systems. Most states require electricians to pass a licensing exam.

9. Drivers

Transport goods and ensure cargo is properly documented and delivery. While basic van delivery requires only a valid driver’s license and clean driving record, operation of larger freight trucks requires additional training.

10. CNC Programmer

No, you don’t need a college degree to be a programmer. In fact, companies are instituting their own programmer boot camps to train people because graduates with computer science degrees don’t know how to program.  In particular, manufacturers need to program computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines used to automate making metal and plastic components.


Next Steps & Affordable Training Programs Available To You

While these manufacturing jobs either don’t require a college degree, or a degree is optional, completing a certification or leadership training program is usually necessary. This demonstrate to employers you not only have the skills for the job position you seek, but the right attitude and willingness to learn.

Training Gems is dedicated to helping people like you find rewarding manufacturing careers and obtain the skills they need to climb up the ladder. Because of our extensive background in operations management in the manufacturing and packaging industry, we have the background and the experience to help you succeed through either in-person training or through a flexible online course.

Your success is our motivation. Invest in yourself and gain upward momentum in your chosen well-paying career. Your family will thank you for it.

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