Training Gems

Business Coaching

Building Stronger Companies — One Leader at a Time, One Team at a Time

We Have Successfully Taught Leadership Skills to Businesses & Their Employees in Over 45 Companies in the Manufacturing Industry

Training Gems started with the knowledge base of over twenty years in Food Operations and Manufacturing working with Fortune 100 companies. Trough teaching employees to push beyond conventional standards and implement positive and lasting change, the company focuses on seeing fast results to the bottom line.

The result is change that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

Here’s how Training Gems can help your team or organization:

  • Improve leadership skills and performance to increase impact and influence
  • Enhance the execution capacity and interactions of a team
  • Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Foster a greater commitment to accountability
  • Address derailing behavior that stands in the way of advancement

Targeted Coaching to Expand Leadership Skills

Our team and organization coaching supports — and challenges — leaders in reaching new levels of performance and productivity.

Our leadership coaching process for businesses includes:

  • GAP analysis – What are your goals? We will work with all departments in your organization to understand where the opportunities are for safety, quality, cost, delivery, and morale.
  • Phone or on-site interviews, ideally involving the leader’s supervisor, peers and direct reports to set a baseline for performance.
  • Full initial assessment to deeply understand the executive’s personal and professional history and current environment.
  • Cultural interview with HR, coupled with review of pertinent internal 360° reviews, to conduct a gap analysis.
  • If needed, one-on-one coaching sessions to target the leader’s individual perceptual, developmental and leadership need.
  • Team building exercises and activities to improve company culture and improve results for the long term.

Are You Ready To Take the Next Step?

Learn how our business leadership coaching services can help your employees discover strengths and gain the tools necessary to break through limitations.