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Frequently Asked Questions

What is leadership?

The definition of leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. But the action that gets people from point A to point B can be tricky and difficult to master. A leader must not only manage the tasks required to achieve the goal, they must also be inspiring, motivating, good communicators, and able to provide results. Leadership is about more than just the bottom line. Leadership is about a collective mindset and delivering a common vision.

Can anyone be a leader?

Are some people born to be leaders? It may seem that some people have a magical gift that they were born with, that the greatest leaders have something that we just don’t have.

But that’s just not the case. Training Gems believes that any person can become a great leader because leadership is not a position, it’s a skill and tool that can be learned. As you continually cultivate and use these tools and skills, you will create a lasting change in yourself.

How can I improve my manufacturing leadership skills?

Learning leadership skills is never-ending. There’s always room for improvement. If you’re looking to improve your leadership skills, start by taking a personal inventory and ask yourself how you can find ways to empower and inspire yourself and others.

Be passionate about the end result and let that passion guide others and inspire them to do their best. Also, understand your strengths and use them. Once you recognize your strengths you can put them to work for you. Finally, failures are inevitable because you’re human. Take these failures and use them as another learning tool to discover what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how to prevent it from happening again.

As a leader, I want to make an impact on my peers. How do I do that?

Great leaders are people who make an impact on their peers. If you’re asking yourself this question, then you’re already on the right track to becoming a great leader.

If you’re looking to make a lasting impact, or motivate people to do their best, then focus on honing your own skills of influence. Learn to recognize the pattern behind human behavior and figure out how to help others identify what’s holding them back from achieving their goals. As you hone these skills, you’ll become the example you want your team to follow.

Leaders always seem to have so much energy. How do I get the energy of a great leader?

When you have passion for what you are doing, and practice the skills of great leadership, the energy will come. It has less to do with the amount of sleep you got and more to do with your overall attitude towards your life and you career. In order to tap into that passion and energy, identify your unifying vision and remind yourself and your team of that vision as you move towards your goal.

How long will it take to see results?

Normally, if an individual or business implements and follows through on our program results will be seen as early as a month or two. This will vary from company to company or person to person, but you can expect to see results within a quarter.

How long does the leadership coaching process take?

The initial program runs for about 3 months, but you can continue your training and education longer if you prefer.

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